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Via, I read an interview with two of the writers for House about the season finale, in which one of them (Peter Blake) says this about him ramming Cuddy's house:

It was obviously a self-destructive crazy act. But there was something in it. House was already being self-destructive and crazy. And doing what he did was both those things. But the most dangerous thing he’s done isn’t driving his car; it was his self-surgery, which almost kills him in the previous episode.

Self-destructive? SELF-destructive?!? The self-surgery may very well have been the most SELF-destructive thing House has done subsequent to his relationship with Cuddy, but you know, isn't being destructive of others kind of massively WORSE? Obviously operating on himself was horrifying, but while we may be entitled to fuck ourselves over to our heart's content, driving into someone's house, endangering everyone inside, is in a whole other league of wrong.

I'm just incredulous. It's not all about House. I mean, yes it's his show, but if the consequences of House's actions only matter insofar as they affect him, it all just rings hollow.

The writers also say they're horrified that anyone would think House was homicidal when he drove into Cuddy's house. And, well. First of all, ramming her house even if she hadn't been home at the time was violent and abusive (and criminal) all by itself. Second of all, House had no way of knowing he wouldn't hit someone inside. What if Cuddy's daughter had been in the room? It still amounts to reckless endangerment at the LEAST.


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