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erin_c_1978 ([personal profile] erin_c_1978) wrote2011-06-18 12:42 pm
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Photo dump

From several recent walks.

Different angle on the butterfly from the other day. Still don't know what species is other than an otherwise unidentified skipper. Folks on the LJ comm naturesbeauty tell me the flowers are privet.

A very skinny doe. thecert/certs_up wonders if she has intestinal parasites or something, because she was eating very enthusiastically.

A very blurry picture of an adorable, tiny fawn that was scampering along after its mama. Photos of fawn and mama together turned out even worse than this one.

Spiderwort -- up close and growing over the underpass in front of a parked train.

I love the weird little satellite flowers onion plants put out.

Wary doe near the garage of a currently unoccupied home near the bike trail.

Cannot find this flowering tree in my tree guide, but the flowers are very pretty.

Fledgling robin waiting patiently for its parents on someone's driveway.