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I'm trying to puzzle out what on earth I could have gotten into my hair that a thorough shampooing hasn't gotten rid of. I've got at least three separate stuck-together locks of hair on the back of my head, and whenever I try to get hold of a bit of what's sticking them together to figure out what it is, I just succeed in pulling out more of my hair. My brush just catches on the sticky bits. This shit, whatever it is, is really, REALLY sticky.

So let's see:

* I haven't been crafting or otherwise using glue or craft adhesive.
* I haven't been chewing gum.
* I have been working with artists tape, which isn't that sticky anyway.
* I pulled a sticker off my new portfolio, but 1) it wasn't that sticky, and 2) I don't remember it catching in my hair.
* I could theoretically have been crapped on by a bird while I was out walking, but 1) in my experience, I notice the splat and 2) bird crap doesn't act like this.
* A possibility that just occurred to me -- tree sap? We do have a lot of broken branches down after the storm, so it's not beyond the realm of possibilities that one of the many broken-off branch stumps leaked sap onto me.

Whatever it is, I hope it washes out tomorrow night. *grump*
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