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Am having massive amounts of fun on vacation with [profile] thecert! We had a blast at AWA yesterday and I've got bunches of pictures of amazing cosplayers and also some cool swag. Got to see [personal profile] ghostfire again and bought one of her beautiful bookmarks!

I have my laptop with me buy Cathy doesn't have wifi, and I'm having a little trouble with her computer interface, but that's still not stopping me from getting up another doujinshi page, woo.


6th finished page of my Noein doujinshi, "Close", based on my fanfic of the same title, which can be viewed here at Drawn in pencil, lightly edited and put together in Adobe Photoshop. I have most of my roughs for the rest of the doujinshi already drawn (can be seen in my scraps), and I very much want and intend to finish this.

I'm starting to see a bunch of minor errors in my previous pages; once I'm finished with the comic and possibly before, I'm going to go back and upload new versions.

Noein doujinshi: "Close", Pg. 1
Noein doujinshi: "Close", Pg. 2
Noein doujinshi: "Close", Pg. 3
Noein doujinshi: "Close", Pg. 4
Noein doujinshi: "Close", Pg. 5
Noein doujinshi: "Close", Pg. 6

Downloadable version -- legal size (8 1/2" x 14") at 300 dpi.

Noein Doujinshi - Close, pg. 6 by ~erin-c-1978 on deviantART
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